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Dental Care for Teenagers

Dental care may be the last thing on a teenager's mind, but this is the ideal time to set in place healthy habits that will benefit you for a lifetime.

To begin with, puberty can make a teenager more susceptible to cavities and the possibility of needing gum disease treatment now or in the near future. As an active teen you may be vulnerable to chipping a tooth due to sports or other activities. It is very important to address any dental damage as soon as possible. It is also important to monitor your oral hygiene and eating habits. Be sure to understand your dentist's oral health assessment and how to put your hygiene plan into action. 

As a teenager you probably have a lot of stuff to worry about. If you currently rely on your parents to keep track of everything, now is the time for you to become knowledgeable about your overall oral health and hygiene. As a teenager you really should not be getting cavities very often. The majority of dental concerns that teenagers have should center on prevention issues.

Naturally, having good eating habits and a healthy balanced diet keeps your whole body as well as your smile in good condition. Eating foods from the basic food groups and avoiding sugary foods that could stick to your teeth or stay in your mouth for long periods of time will help prevent permanent damage. When you are in a rush, try some smart alternative food choices like fruits, raw vegetables, yogurt or cheese. That way, you are not only safe from tooth damage, you are also providing your body with healthy nutrients.

To keep that healthy and attractive smile for many years to come, be aware of things that could damage or destroy your teeth and gums.


FACT FISH: About 84% of 17-year-olds have had tooth decay. 


Regular Preventative Visits

As teenagers with young teeth and bones, any visible surface stains are best removed when you have your regular preventive visits (cleanings) with your dentist. In between visits, be sure to brush and floss! Your dentist was once a teenager and understands human nature. You have to be honest with your dentist about your dental hygiene so they can give you the advice and treatment that is best for you and your unique smile!


What We Do

  • Now that your teenager has a full set of adult teeth, preventative services are more important than ever. We will work with your teen to teach them how to take the best care of their permanent teeth!

  • We will make sure our teenaged patients are getting regular teeth cleanings to keep their smiles bright.

  • We work with you and your teen to create the most comprehensive plan for their dental care.


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