Care of Your Removable Appliance

  1. Wear the appliance at all times except when you brush your teeth.  The appliance should be worn during meal eating and sleep, unless you have been specifically instructed otherwise.
  2. As soon as you have finished eating, take the appliance out as demonstrated earlier by the doctor.  Brush your teeth carefully, making sure you brush all the surfaces including outside, inside, and biting surfaces.
  3. After you have finished brushing your teeth, clean your appliance as follows:
  4. Fill the bathroom sink with water.  Hold the appliance in the palm of your hand over the sink.
  5. Carefully brush the inside and outside surfaces, and all the wires.
  6. Replace appliance as soon as you have finished cleaning it.


  1. Avoid "flipping" the appliance with your tongue because it may cause a loosening of the fit.
  2. Be gentle when removing or replacing the appliance in the mouth.
  3. With a new appliance, there may be an initial difficulty in speech, which should disappear in a day or two.
  4. Any plastic taste from the appliance will disappear in a day or two.
  5. Avoid sticky foods such as gum, caramels, and taffy.
  6. You might expect mild discomfort with the appliance because there will be an adjustment period to something new.  If while wearing the appliance you have a great deal of discomfort, discontinue its use and call the office immediately for an appointment.  Do not delay as treatment time may be prolonged.
  7. If the appliance presents any unusual problems or you have any questions about its use please call the office and the doctor will help you.
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