Care of Fixed Appliances

  1. If unusual discomfort is noticed, please call the office immediately.  Do not hesitate, as treatment can be prolonged if the discomfort becomes serious.
  2. Special care must be taken to eliminate sticky foods from the diet.  They may bend the wires or loosen the bands.  Repair appointments will prolong treatment time.
  3. Parent should check for loose bands each day by attempting to gently move the band with a fingernail.  If bands become loose or wires broken, call during office hours for an immediate appointment.
  4. Your child should take good care in cleaning his/her teeth.  The appliance may trap food under the wires and cause discomfort.  If your child’s breath becomes unpleasant a commercial mouthwash can be used.
  5. Remind your child that he or she should avoid “flipping” the appliance with the tongue because it may loosen the fit.
  6. With a new appliance, there may be an initial difficulty in speech, which should disappear in a day or two.
  7. Avoid sticky foods such as gum, caramels, and taffy.
  8. All children with fixed appliances must be seen on a semiannual basis for reevaluation of the bite and of the bite and fit of the bands.  Bands should be removed at least once per year for evaluation.  Periodic routine dental checkups should be continued.
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